Monday, 17 October 2016

"Living the Dream"

Wow...I want to apologize...I didn't realize it's been a year since I last posted.  LOTS of exciting kool things going on in my life and I really feel like I'm living the dream now.  Will be back shortly....stay tuned!

Big hugs
Karen  :)

It's happening....

Just over a week ago...I turned 58....the same number as the year I was born.  Not sure what that means but...I wanted to share how it feels.
I can remember being 10 years old and finding out that my Mum was 29 and thinking "WOW....THAT'S OLD" not understanding the concept of age.
What is 58 supposed to feel like?  What is my life like now?
  • I am a Virtual Assistant...doing admin assistance from home which I LOVE
  • Working from home where I get to GIVE customer service over the phone...assisting customers with information, making their lives easier...AMAZING!
  • I am facilitating painting classes where you express your emotions on canvas with paint.  How fun is that...just YOUR interpretation of how you choose to honestly express your inner feeling with color...FUN, BEAUTIFUL & CREATIVE!
  • Last week I was introduced to "The Power of the Joy Journal©" by my new friend Laura May Culver.  This is going to be HUGE!!!!!  Stay tuned....there's more coming!
  • My hubby and I got to deliver a special gift to a very special friend.  It was magical to be part of the exchange and through the joy of technology...our mutual DEAR friend in South Africa was able to be part of the celebration.   Wonderful!!
  • This week I am fulfilling my dream to be a Motivational Speaker....something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I have 2 engagements booked....AWESOME! 
Saturday, October 15th from my "Joy Journal©"

That is just a few things happening in the first week of 58 and there are more things in the works!  In GOOD!

Monday, 18 July 2016

YEAH...back on track!!

For the past few months I have been back on track with my creative side.   I have a few wonderful things on the go.  First is my new website which I'm proud to say I created myself.   YEAH!!  Taking some courses on web design paid off.  I would love you to check it out.

If you're looking for a personalized gift for someone special....drop me a line....I'd love to help you out.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Movin' On

As some of you know...I am a singer/songwriter and recently collaborated with my wonderful friend Howard Lopez to compose the theme song for a new web talk show called "Reflections" starting Ayse Hogan and Kelly Bentley from The Chakra House of Healing.   I was featured live at the beginning of the debut show.     Click here

Friday, 18 March 2016


My Dear friend Dayna shared this and I wanted to share it here for everyone to see!'s a great reminder that....every little bit counts!!  It's ALL progress xo

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Recent Post from Facebook

Kelly Bentley and Ayse Hogan are so stoked, excited and thrilled to announce that Karen Clouter is in the process of writing the theme song for Reflections. She is an amazingly generous soul that has overcome her own personal battles. She has the voice of soulful angel, and a heart filled with love. We are also grateful to announce that she will be singing her new song on the first episode of Reflections LIVE. We want to thank you Karen and are so humbled by your gift. — at The Chakra House of Healing.
Wow....I have to say.....I am thrilled to be singing and composing and sharing my voice with the world.  This is truly exciting.   Ayse asked me a back in January and I don't think it really sunk in until now that I will be writing lyrics again.  

Stay will be released in less than a month.  March 13th 2016

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dr. Peter Goldfarb -

September 2007 was my first real attempt at getting my weight under control.   I searched the net and found an OPTIFAST® program facilitated by Dr. Peter Goldfarb in Etobicoke, ON and made an appointment. 

I remember being very nervous in the waiting room, not knowing what to expect. 

The nurse called me to the back office.  Before seeing the Dr., she recorded some preliminary information about me…blood pressure, pulse and that sort of thing.  This was followed by my biggest challenge, to step on the scale.  It was in the room under the window just over my left shoulder waiting for me.  It had to be done but I felt panicky at the thought of revealing my weight to anyone, including myself.

I gathered the following information from the OPTIFAST® website which helped me to decide to choose this particular program.

Dr. Peter Goldfarb of Toronto, Canada is a weight loss coach who offers a safe, 
effective weight loss program from OPTIFAST®.
Obesity is a chronic health condition. The OPTIFAST® weight loss program in Toronto is a medically supervised weight loss program that provides you with the face-to-face support you need to control your weight.
Over a million people have benefited from OPTIFAST® since it was developed in 1974
The OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Program Difference:
  • Medically supervised –lose weight safely!
  • Program is flexible, easy to modify, and adaptable
  • Individually tailored to your situational, medical, personality and weight loss needs
  • Comprehensive –includes medical, behavioral, physical and nutritional aspects
  • Nutritional replacement meets Health & Welfare Canada’s daily dietary requirements
  • Easy startup –no food choices or cooking!
For the first time in more years that I care to acknowledge, I stepped on the scale only to find I was too heavy to get a reading.  It was quite traumatic knowing the maximum measurement was about 440lbs if I remember correctly. The nurse assured me it was ok and asked me to wait for the Dr.  

Minutes later, a tall handsome man entered the room.  He was very well built with a thick moustache, fairly dark hair and a really warm confident smile.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Goldfarb” he said with a comforting tone that made me feel at ease.  He presented his hand to welcome me.

“Wow, you have a great handshake” he commented which put me a bit more ease.    

I was embarrassed and uncomfortable because of the condition I had let myself get to but, he made me feel quite relaxed.

We chatted about the program and he assured me that this could be the last weight loss program I will ever have to follow, provided I follow the program and his recommendations.  It sounded pretty simple. 

After Dr. G, as I affectionately called him, explained how the program worked, I followed him next door to his office.  Behind the desk was a stack of boxes with OPTIFAST™ on them.  He offered me a choice of chocolate or vanilla.  I chose a box of each which was a week’s supply. 

“You can always add instant coffee in the vanilla to change the flavor” he suggested.   He put the two boxes in a brown paper shopping bag with handles and sent me on my way.

For several weeks, I would step on the scale and not get a reading.  It was extremely difficult but I perceived.  I remember clearly the day I stepped on the scale and finally got a reading.  That was a joyous day.  When Dr. G. came in, he was so happy for me and proud of my accomplishment. 

“See, I told you” he said with confidence.  He really believed in me.

I took the shakes religiously.  That was the only thing I was consumed at the time, four shakes a day.  They are a complete meal replacement with all the vitamins needed for each meal.  My favorite preparation was to blend them with ice cubes and water.  They had the consistency and would taste like a fast food chain frozen dessert…delicious!

My success rate was fantastic.  I had committed to going to each appointment every week and continued to lose weight until my husband’s Christmas Social on December 4th, I remember the date like it was yesterday. 

I talked to Dr. G. prior to the event and he gave me some great strategies to handle the Holiday food situation so that it would fit into the program.  My challenge was once I started eating, I didn’t want to stop.  Once I started eating food, I didn’t follow Dr. G’s suggestions and continued to cheat, first with snacking which then led to cheating on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the only person I cheated was myself.   After continuing with the shakes and food for the next few weeks, I could see that I had for lack of better term “fallen of the wagon” and eventually stopped going to the clinic. 

Last month, I stopped by the clinic and the receptionist said he would be in the following day.  The next morning, I returned to the clinic.  I asked the lady at the desk to speak to Dr. Goldfarb, explaining that I only wanted a minute of his time.   She was cautious which is a good thing.  She asked me for my Health card and went to the back office.

While sitting in the waiting room, a gentleman walked by me from the back office.  He had a brown paper in his hand.  I knew what he was carrying.  A few minutes later, a familiar face was standing in the doorway inviting me to come in.  A few more grey hairs on top and through his moustache but…the same warm inviting smile that I remember so well.

“Wow, you look great!   How are things and how do you feel?”  He asked looking at me with what felt like a sense of pride for what I had accomplished. 

“Some days are challenging but for the most part, I feel fantastic” I responded, remembering how different I felt from the first time I had been at his office.

I shared my weight loss to date was 278.5lbs and he broke into a huge smile.   He in turn shared with me that my number broke his biggest weight loss success of 240lbs.   That really felt good to hear.

For the last few months, I had contemplated stopping by to check in with Dr. Goldfarb.  I’m so glad I did.  It truly made my heart sing and gave me the opportunity to take a very special man in my life.  He’s one of those heart centered people that I feel blessed to know.